These days everyone knows parents who have a college grad at home, a parent returning to the workforce or a midcareer professional in transition.  We can help you, in person or online. We  assist recent college grads move off their parent’s couch to launch lucrative and satisfying careers. It’s win/win: parents are relieved that the $200K they spent for college was worth it and kids are thrilled to become independent.  Since we have our fingers on the pulse of the job market, we help them navigate a turbulent world economy. First, we unearth their gifts, then we identify growing careers for them and help them land the jobs they want. For adults who are pacing the floor with frustration about how to transition into something better, we provide confidence and hope.  Our clients are pleased that their volunteering or prior career was of value.  We reposition their experience to match enjoyable careers and hot jobs.  Clients are surprised by the variety of options for them. They learn to negotiate excellent jobs. We also provide customized services to professionals to accelerate their careers.  Clients earn the promotion or new job assignment after they become clear about their strengths and overcome the obstacles to outstanding performance.

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